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FoundPop kicked off the new year with big changes, welcoming three new team members and showcasing our furniture at scale during the UK’s largest fashion festival. We’ve helped trending brands launch their first pop-up in Soho and began our journey to becoming B Corp certified.


So with that, we’re back with the first issue of 2024, sharing scenes from Pure London and JATC’s sustainable fashion trade show, footage from Damson Madder’s pop-up with LADYGARDEN and our latest series on how to pop up, a must-have fashion week checklist and more.

Kicking off the start of London Fashion Week with JACT x PURE at the Olympia London, featuring FoundPop fittings.


Over 120 brands used FoundPop furniture to display their designs during the exciting sustainable fashion trade show at the Kensington Olympia in London. 

We connected with international and UK-based designers, watched insightful industry panels and loved the Graduate Fashion Week student catwalk.

If you’re a Pure London x JATC exhibitor and loved our furniture, get in touch for a special rate on your first FoundPop pop-up.

Watch our fashion festival highlight reel for a recap and join us July 14-16th, 2024 for another Pure London x JATC show. See you there!


With pop-up shops now a staple on fashion and beauty calendars, we are sharing part one of our new series How To Launch a Pop-Up.

Offering brands a unique platform to engage with consumers IRL, launching a standout pop-up shop is a creative challenge you want to be prepared for.

In part one, we emphasise the pivotal role of creativity, community, and a cohesive brand experience that extends beyond the digital realm.

Discover how FoundPop, your ultimate pop-up resource, unveils the secrets to successful launches for fashion and beauty brands in London’s vibrant pop-up landscape.

London pop-up shop with Cambridge Satchel and FoundPop furniture hire.


Founded in 2020 by Emma Hill, Damson Madder is on a mission to blend innovation with sustainability in the fashion industry. In February, Damson Madder and LADYGARDEN celebrated their first-ever (!!) pop-up event in the heart of Soho. Read more about their exciting event, newly launched collection and special guest.

London pop-up with Damson Madder and LADYGARDEN, with rentals by FoundPop.
Clothing rail and plinth rentals featured at Damson Madder pop-up in London.
London Fashion Week featuring FoundPop design-led furniture rentals.


With London, Paris, Milan and more all on our fashion week radar, the FoundPop team has put together a detailed fashion week checklist.

A must-read for designers gearing up for the spotlight, our friendly reminders are here to help you perfect your pop-up and ensure you’re runway-ready.

We have even included notes on creating a social media buzz, capturing behind-the-scenes footage and maximising exposure.

Visit our Must-Have Fashion Week Checklist


We are delighted to welcome three new members to our team. As we continue to expand and innovate, these dynamic individuals bring fresh perspectives and skills that will undoubtedly contribute to FoundPop‘s growth. We’re eager to see the amazing client collaborations that lie ahead.

To our clients, partners, and friends, thank you for your ongoing support. We’re committed to delivering sustainable and design-led pop-ups.

Visit our founder’s exciting announcement on LinkedIn.


These days, it is uncommon for the topic of sustainability not to come up in our briefs, and we are here for it! FoundPop was created with two core focuses, design and sustainability, aligning well with brands looking to weave their eco-efforts through the campaign narrative.

With environmentally conscious consumers asking for more from brands, here’s a snapshot of sustainable pop-up starters to share with your marketing teams.

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