Must-Have Fashion Week Checklist

Kicking off the start of London Fashion Week with JACT x PURE at the Olympia London, featuring FoundPop fittings.

Our Fashion Week checklist features top tips for designers before their big debut — perfect for pop-ups and those hitting the runway.

Featured Image FoundPop furniture at Pure London x Just Around The Corner (JATC) for over 200 brands

Furniture Fit

The first stop on our Fashion Week checklist is ensuring your pop-up space is furnished to perfection. We recommend asking for feedback on the arrangement for optimal visual impact and a seamless customer experience. Invite guests of the brand visit the pop-up for a soft launch to finesse the layout and functionality for buyers.

When partnering with FoundPop, you will receive this crucial support with our Space Planner tool and dedicated account manager to customise your space with our sustainable and design-led rental furniture.

Runway Ready

Next on our Fashion Week checklist, if you are presenting your collection, confirm that all models’ fittings are completed and their positions have been communicated for a smooth entry onto the runway. 

A must-have on our Fashion Week checklist, pack an emergency alterations kit featuring essential tools and materials. We recommend having a FoundPop quick-fix station for any last-minute adjustments to keep your showcase flawless. 

We understand the importance of creating a multisensory experience and suggest music choices that complement your brand’s vibe. Be sure to deliver the catwalk playlist to the production team with plenty of time to get the tracks loaded.

A friendly Fashion Week checklist reminder, double-check your hair and makeup artists are briefed on each unique look, and schedule test runs during the week of the event. FoundPop’s fitting room pop-up rentals give you the ideal backstage space for final touch-ups.

Setting the Scene

Your designs for fashion week are an important part of your brand, but how they are displayed can dramatically impact the look and feel of your show and pop-up shop. Share our Fashion Week checklist with your team to ensure the show can go on.

To set the scene, we suggest close collaboration with your lighting team to ensure the perfect hue and mood for your fashion week debut. FoundPop’s minimalist pop-up furniture shines even brighter with the right lighting. With our clothing rails for rent, your designs will be showcased in style within your pop-up as well as backstage, reinforcing the brand’s identity.

However, it’s not just about ‘what’ your audience sees, but also ‘how’. With clear and strategically positioned signage for your pop-up, visitors will be guided seamlessly through your curated space. FoundPop’s display case rentals and shelving for hire can be utilised to highlight your brand’s story and guide the flow of traffic.

Social Media Buzz

Now it’s time to spread the word. 

We suggest capturing sneak preview footage to excite fans of the brand. Create a designated hashtag for your Fashion Week pop-up and invite content creators to the soft launch to maximise exposure. Leverage FoundPop’s Instagram-worthy aesthetics by capturing visitors exploring the coat rail rentals for fashion week exclusive pieces.

Check out our Instagram for examples of FoundPop collaborations and unique pop-up shops.

Levelling Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and even though FoundPop pop-up furniture is assembled by our team of pros, we suggest scheduling a post-Fashion Week pop-up debrief with your team. 

The goal is to analyse customer feedback and patterns to enhance your pop-up strategy for the next showcase. For example, was the music on brand, were there enough fitting rooms for models backstage, or maybe you sold out of fashion week pop-up exclusives so you expect to need large clothing rail rentals next year.

With FoundPop as your partner in pop-up design, your Fashion Week experience will not only be visually stunning but also seamlessly executed, leaving a lasting impression on both industry insiders and sustainable fashion enthusiasts.

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