About Us

Why was FoundPop created?

FoundPop was born out of Found Associates a successful, RIBA award-winning, architecture and interior design practice renowned for its contemporary work in retail, office and residential sectors both in the UK and internationally.

Richard Found established FoundPop to meet the needs of an increasingly temporary retail market where clients of Found Associates were asking for a solution that just wasn’t there!

Chatting with retail clients every day we realised they struggled to find retail furniture that met five key principles:

  • high quality in design
  • speed and ease of assembly (and disassembly)
  • highly customisable finishes
  • scalable for different spaces
  • and last but not least, affordable based on use as and when needed (rent vs buy)

Before we’d even got going we were discussing our partnership with Appear Here driven out of a shared understanding of the demands of the new “pop-up world”.

We believe furniture should adapt to meet the needs of today.

With pop-up retail and temporary spaces becoming the norm we have seen an unprecedented change in the way people want to buy and consume furniture, which goes far beyond the utility of product.

Flat-packed furniture was just the start and now selling furniture needs to reflect the wider and more transient needs of customers.

With the explosive growth in online shopping increasing the needs for physical brand experiences; transformation in the property market making spaces more affordable or more available; and emerging companies looking to launch and test their products, FoundPop is making rental furniture to pop-up any brand.

Circular Economy: why renting is better than buying

Providing fixtures and fittings for your event or pop-up activity should not mean costing the Earth.

In a circular economy, waste is minimised and resources maximised through long-lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse, re-manufacturing, recycling and up-cycling.

Putting on large-scale events and temporary pop-up activations takes tremendous amounts of resources, including fixtures, furniture, marketing materials, transport, digital displays and more.

Adopting circular thinking can support the sustainable event and pop-up delivery with the ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill.

FoundPop rental furniture offers numerous business benefits, including:

  • increased efficiencies and reduced environmental impacts
  • reduced procurement and waste disposal costs
  • improved business resilience through efficient resource management

By choosing to rent instead of buy, you have a unique opportunity to educate and inspire audiences and visitors to your events, as well as other sectors such as cities and policy-makers worldwide.

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