Sustainability is a core focus for our business, addressing issues such as carbon footprint and waste management. At FoundPop we are committed to building a circular business model that exceeds our customers’ expectations and is better for the environment.

FoundPop is committed to building a circular business model where materials are retained within productive use, in a high value state, for as long as possible. We continue to explore the use of recycled materials and at the end of their product life, we donate to worthwhile causes such as schools and hospitals. Our rental model, underpinned by our product system, is core to being a circular business.


We design quality products that are durable and re-usable. Product is designed to be easy to assemble and de-assemble, with no nuts or bolts avoiding parts, waste and damage. Product is modular and made of components that can be replaced to enable refurbishment and extend product life.


Our timber is certified to comply with latest Sustainability Forestry Standards. Our facilities use renewable energy, e.g. solar panels. Excess wood is stored and incinerated on site to provide heat and power in the manufacturing process. Where possible we design product to use standard specification materials, reducing manufacturing and waste.

Delivery, collection & packaging

Delivery schedules are carefully and routinely planned in order to optimise the transport carbon footprint while serving our customers as effectively as possible. We look to limit the amount of packaging, ensuring it is re-used until depleted and then recycled. By taking packaging away – not leaving with customers – we can re-use and save on materials.