Siam Circle’s Sustainable Pop-Up in London

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Kicking off our spring events calendar, Siam Circle popped up in Walker’s Court from April 9-14th. No stranger to a pop-up, Siam Circle has held events in New York, LA, Milan and more.

The recent pop-up in Soho featured a vibrant collection of upcycled clothes and accessories. Spray-painted palms on the pop-up walls complemented the brand’s colourful prints. 

Founded by designer Mariuka Corsini, Siam Circle clothing has been seen on Lana Del Ray, Gigi Hadid and many more. Corsini’s 90s streetwear and sustainable aesthetic is especially popular with Gen Z and millennials who appreciate her eco-friendly (and often vintage) recreations.

Top tip: You can order custom Siam Circle pieces, such as sweatpant jeans or hemp skirts, and they may even come hand-painted.


To upcycle an item is to give a preloved piece new life — a second chance. Siam Circle uses recycled clothing, deconstructs the item and through creativity and ingenuity, repurposes the fabric into trousers, tote bags and more. 

With a primary focus on denim, each piece is designed “for those who want to stand out and wear something with purpose”. 

Siam Circle champions circular fashion and believes in “making waste look cool.”

Clothing racks with various garments, palm drawing on wall.


Recognising the pressing threat of environmental and social impacts due to a fashion economy, in recent years the industry has been shifting towards a circular economy. 

The circular fashion economy is defined by The Sustainable Fashion Forum as a methodology to “keep resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them while in use, and then recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of their service life.”

This dramatic reevaluation from the traditional “take-make-dispose” is what aligns Siam Circle with the sustainable fashion movement.

The iconic Suit jeans by Siam Circle are the perfect example of circular fashion as the materials are upcycled, minimising waste, and remade into new clothes with minimal impact. The high quality and durability of each piece extends the use, a key principle of the circular economy.

FoundPop also champions circular economy movement, with every furniture item designed for longevity using materials and production methods that minimise environmental impact. FoundPop furniture is also made using components that can be replaced to enable refurbishment and extend product life.

We are proud to have supported Siam Circle’s spring pop-up in London. With more brands like Siam Circle looking to reduce waste and get creative, the fashion world can be transformed.

By partnering with FoundPop, businesses can cater to conscious consumers and engage with the responsible fashion community, paving the way for a more ethical future in retail.

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