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Spring has officially arrived, summer events are in the works and with new collections released at fashion week, the UK fashion landscape is teeming with creativity, innovation, and diversity. 

A myriad of designers have made their mark on the global stage in recent years, and these London fashion designers are making their own waves with eco-friendly and innovative approaches.

From avant-garde menswear and bespoke tailoring, to upcycling denim and circular design philosophies, London’s fashion scene is as dynamic as it is eclectic. 

Each brand brings something unique to the table, so dive into the short stories below and discover your new favourite UK and London-based fashion designers.



Aaron Esh is an East London fashion designer that juxtaposes silhouettes and details traditionally used in womenswear, for a contemporary menswear wardrobe. 

‘AARON ESH menswear subverts the masculine archetype, showing there can be allure to a menswear with softness and elegance.’ — London Fashion Week

The inventor of the ​“Comma shoe”, Esh had his first post-uni collection bought exclusively by SSENSE. And although known for ultra-modern menswear, Esh recently launched a womenswear collection with Selfridges.

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Talia Byre’s London-made designs are synonymous with clever and contemporary elegance.

Byre’s pieces are a celebration of spontaneity and joy, with a recent collection inspired by personal experiences and the vibrant atmosphere of east London.

Featured in Vogue during London Fashion Week, Talia Byre hosted an intimate presentation in her Hackney studio, featuring tipples from Lant Street Wines and homemade treats.

‘She stands out among her peers by eschewing trends and resisting categorization into any aesthetic movement. This collection, though shown in a static setting, was her most compelling to date.’ — Vogue Magazine

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E.L.V. Denim is rewriting the rules of luxury fashion with their pioneering approach to upcycling and sustainable design. If you’re new to E.L.V. Denim, E.L.V stands for East London Vintage founded by Anna Foster.

The brand breathes new life into discarded garments, transforming them into timeless pieces that defy trends and stand the test of time. E.L.V is a testament to Foster’s aim to reduce the transcontinental transport typically involved in jean production.

Explore London fashion designer E.L.V Denim’s collection of upcycled denim and cotton essentials.


South London fashion designer Seli Korsi was the LVMH Scholar L’oreal young talent award winner in 2021 and is tipped to become British fashion’s Next Big Thing.

South London-based label KNWLS designed by Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault is now a coveted wardrobe staple, praised for its disruptive take on femininity and figure-hugging pieces.

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Burqu, a London-based fashion brand, epitomises the ethos of slow fashion and quality craftsmanship. Committed to creating garments that stand the test of time, Burqu is on a mission to offer unique and enduring pieces that transcend fleeting trends. 

Drawing inspiration from Japanese art and fashion, Burqu incorporates unique jewellery pieces into their designs, adding a touch of individuality to every ensemble. Whether it’s ready-to-wear staples or evening attire, the signature Burqu style celebrates simplicity and refinement.

Initially launched as a concept store in Alaçatı, the brand meticulously sources fabrics and accessories from Turkey, collaborating closely with manufacturers at every stage of the design and production process to ensure the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Founder Burcu Tandoğan, a visionary entrepreneur with a background in retail, combines her business acumen with a keen eye for art and design. The result is a meticulously curated collection that champions slow fashion and elevates individuality above mass production.

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AUNÉ, a UK-based brand is focused on slow-fashion and being free from trend-led boundaries. The founder, Xenab Lone is passionate about sustainable fashion and empowerment. Her vision for AUNÉ is to give confidence to her customers.

All AUNÉ garments are made-to-measure and inclusive, welcoming all shapes and sizes.

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Roisin Pierce is a testament to the intersection of intergenerational craft and contemporary textile innovation, showcasing the rich heritage of Irish craftsmanship in a modern context. 

Each collection is a harmonious blend of airy silks, intricate lacework, and delicate floral motifs, embodying a hyper-feminine expression of women’s liberation. 

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Based in the Isle of Man, Bethany Williams is a pioneer for sustainable fashion, redefining what it means to be environmentally conscious in the industry. 

Williams studied for an MA in Menswear at the London College of Fashion and was recognised as Emerging Menswear Designer of the year in 2019 at The Fashion Awards.

Every piece produced by Williams is made from recycled, deadstock or organic materials, and she believes fashion has the power to be utilised to create positive change. With a focus on their impact, Bethany Williams designs are not only stylish but also ethically made, ensuring a positive outcome for both people and the planet. 

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The world’s first high-end plant-based handbag brand, House of Marici bags are made in Italy, by hand. Marici combines heritage craftsmanship with innovative materials to create timeless designs that leave a minimal environmental footprint.

Passionate about circular design, Marici adheres to strict sustainability principles and uses a regenerative approach, taking materials that have reached the end of their life product cycle and repurposing into something new.

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The only bespoke tailoring house for women on The Row, Banshee of Savile Row exudes a rock n’ roll aesthetic and has ventured overseas for trunk shows in New York and LA. 

Based in London but with Irish, female roots; the brand is owned by Irish designer and tailor, Ruby Slevin. In the last five years, Banshee of Savile Row has dressed Claire Foy, Stefani Martini and Angela Scanlon to name a few. 

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Supporting UK and London-based fashion designers is not just about purchasing clothes; it’s about investing in creativity, sustainability, and local communities. By choosing to support homegrown talent, consumers can contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of the British fashion industry while championing ethical and sustainable practices.

UK and London-based fashion brands often place a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and quality, producing garments that are built to last. By supporting these brands, consumers can enjoy pieces that not only look great but also stand the test of time, reducing the need for fast fashion and its harmful environmental impact.

Backing local fashion brands also fosters innovation and creativity within the industry, ensuring that British designers have the resources and support they need to continue pushing boundaries and setting trends on a global scale. Supporting UK fashion brands also helps sustain local economies and communities, creating jobs and opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, by choosing to support UK and London-based fashion designers, consumers can play a vital role in shaping a more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive future for the fashion industry while showcasing the rich talent and creativity that Britain has to offer.


  • Support fashion talent by actively engaging with them on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Following and sharing their content helps increase their visibility and reach, while also showing appreciation for their work. 
  • Visiting their pop-up shops and events not only provides direct support but also offers the opportunity to engage with the brand and learn more about their values and mission. 
  • Spreading the word by recommending the brand to friends and family further amplifies their presence and encourages others to support local fashion.

As you can see, the UK is home to a diverse array of fashion designers. From AUNÉ’s focus on slow-fashion and inclusivity to Bethany Williams’ dedication to sustainability, each designer brings a unique perspective to the table. The House of Marici’s commitment to circular design and Banshee of Savile Row’s rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic further showcase the breadth and depth of talent within the UK fashion industry.

With their innovative designs, ethical practices, and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, these UK and London fashion designers are redefining the future of the industry one collection at a time.

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