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London’s summer months are on the way and with that brings a significant rise in footfall, driven by tourism, longer daylight hours, seasonal demand and the allure of exploring the city’s diverse retail landscape. For retailers, this surge in footfall presents a valuable opportunity to attract new customers, increase sales and enhance their visibility. By capitalising on the summer buzz and tailoring offerings to meet seasonal demands, retailers in London can reap the benefits of the bustling streets, creating a win-win scenario for both businesses and customers alike.

Are you still considering whether to set up a pop-up shop this summer? Check out some of the exciting projects we have worked on this month and the benefits they offer.

We are excited to announce that Daily Paper has joined the list of streetwear brands that have utilised FoundPop furniture for their pop-up store. Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, East London, the archive sale ran for three weeks offering branded clothing and accessories. It’s exciting to see a growing number of brands activating spaces to host sample sales in the last 6 months due to the trend growing on TikTok. Brand archive/sample sales offer several benefits for both consumers and brands.

1. Discounted Prices: One of the most significant benefits of brand sample sales is the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at significantly discounted prices. Allowing consumers to access luxury or designer items they might not typically afford or justify purchasing at full price.

2. Personal Interaction: Meet your customers. Having brand representatives in the store, allows consumers to interact with them directly. This personal touch provides an opportunity to ask questions, receive styling advice and gain insights into the brand’s vision and upcoming releases.

3. Sustainable Shopping: Brands can repurpose or sell samples and excess inventory that might otherwise go unused or be discarded. By purchasing items at sample sales, consumers are actively participating in a more sustainable fashion cycle, helping to minimise the environmental impact of the industry. 


We’re looking forward to supporting loads more brand sample sales with our sustainable furniture set-up this year. 



Over the weekend, we were at Protein Studios assisting with the Lewis Capaldi pop-up event organised by Amelia Studios. It was an innovative take on the traditional art gallery, featuring essential campaign items, a variety of selfies and a staircase display from the album artwork.

Pop-up shops have become increasingly popular among musicians and bands as a way to connect with their fans and create unique experiences. These temporary retail spaces offer a range of benefits for both artists and their followers. 

1. Direct interaction with fans: Pop-up shops provide a rare opportunity for musicians to engage with their fans on a more personal level. It allows them to meet and interact with their supporters face-to-face, fostering a sense of community and strengthening the artist-fan relationship. This direct interaction can leave a lasting impression and create loyal fans who are more likely to support the artist’s future endeavours.

2. Exclusive merchandise: Pop-up shops often feature limited-edition or exclusive merchandise that cannot be found anywhere else. Musicians can showcase unique items such as signed albums. 


We can’t wait to see who pops up next!


We worked in close collaboration with Jake Posner, the Founder of NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING, a brand that supports the British Dyslexia Association, to help him create and set up his very first pop-up shop in Soho. This week, we had the chance to delve into his brand’s upcoming endeavours and discuss his journey of launching the inaugural brick-and-mortar store.

1. How did you find the process of designing and setting up a pop-up?

FoundPop made it really easy with the online design tool they have. The team where also great at helping me decide what I needed and how best to utilise the props.

2. What plans do you have for your brand this year? 

We are going to carry on building our brand in the physical world, we have found that this is a great way forward for us and we meeting new people every day. We want to eventually create a space where people can shop, network, work, eat & drink.

3. Tell us more about the story behind your current collection.

Our collection focuses on minimalistic design with each piece telling its own unique story via the details labels. The fabrics, trims and craft of our pieces put our collection into the high-end space of fashion while using new water-saving tech to create our hero piece denim jackets. We have entitled this collection “DEB—UT” as it is our first collection, complete with breaking down the word into syllables and hyphenation to reflect how a dyslexic mind might process words when reading and writing.

4. What piece of advice would you give to brands looking to open their first pop-up?

If you have the opportunity to do it, do it! It is the best thing we have done for the brand, we are able to share the story of the brand and our ethos, while people can touch the pieces and try them on.


Find the NO ONE TRUE ANYTHING pop-up at 33 Great Windmill Street, Soho.