Axel Arigato Champions Sustainability by Renting FoundPop Furniture

Axel Arigato Germany

Founded in 2014 by Max Svardh and Albin Johansson, Axel Arigato has gained popularity for its high-quality sneakers, apparel and accessories. Axel Arigato combines Scandinavian simplicity with a streetwear edge, offering clean lines, premium materials and a focus on detail. Committed to sustainability, the brand has earned a loyal following for its modern and conscious approach to fashion.

Continuing its commitment to sustainability, Axel Arigato chooses to rent FoundPop furniture for showrooms, sample sales and pop-ups. This choice enables the brand to maintain its high-end aesthetic without compromising its core values and allows it to achieve a minimalist, contemporary look in its spaces while minimising the environmental impact – win-win!

Axel Arigato renting from FoundPop is a shining example of how brands are redefining their approach to event marketing. By prioritising aesthetics, flexibility and sustainability, they are not only creating memorable experiences for their customers but also setting new standards in the world of fashion pop-ups and sample sales

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