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Frequently asked questions

You can rent for as short as 1 day. We do have a minimum charge of 1 week however.

We book this in when you first rent with us. However, 1 week before your rental period is over, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a time for collection. We’ll then be in touch 2 days before collection to re-confirm. Just like delivery, we aim to be in and out of your way in under two hours.

You plan your space - either based on a space you’ve rented or a layout for the space you expect to rent. You choose your furniture and create the aesthetic that you want from our range of finishes. You complete a form with your selections and rental period details and request a quote. We confirm the cost of the rental, you accept the agreement and arrange payment. We drop off the items and assist with assembly (if required). When the rental ends we collect the items and return any deposit.

There's no charge for extending a rental, other than the weekly charges that will continue. We don't have a rent-to-buy option but if you renew your rental you may be entitled to a lower weekly charge!

We’re flexible, however, we are not able to offer refunds once the furniture has been delivered. Our team will be happy to arrange collection and we'll simply cancel any future rental payments. Depending on your situation, if you cancel prior to despatch you may be required to pay a minimum charge of 1 weeks rental.

Unfortunately, if we arrive with an item that cannot be delivered for any reason, there will be a £200 restocking fee.

We understand that things happen, so reasonable wear and tear shouldn’t be a problem - as long as your furniture is in respectable shape when we come to collect it, there’s nothing to worry about. However, in the event that an item is unusable or demonstrates unreasonable damage, we reserve the right to charge for repairs or replacement, but rest assured we would only charge for the replacement part itself.

Maybe you have a retail pop-up and you want minimise the cash outlay and spread the cost over time. Perhaps you want to have high quality design-led retail furniture but its too expensive to buy. Maybe you are launching a new product or testing a new location and you simply don’t know how long you’ll be there. Maybe you are attending an exhibition or event and you need a solution that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. Maybe you want a solution that you can customise to meet your brand or business requirements. FoundPop is here to help!

We can through our partner company - Found Associates - who offer retail design services and a fully bespoke furniture service. Alternatively you can email us on We'd love to hear from you and have a member of the team help you create your ideal pop-up space!

You have 72 hours from the time of confirming your order to cancel without charge. Orders after this period will not be refunded. 

We deliver all over the UK. Please submit a quote or give us a call for full delivery costs. 

You will be asked to pay a refundable deposit. You'll get this back at the end of your rental.

Rental charges are calculated weekly and paid monthly in advance. If you are renting furniture for a period of less than 12 weeks you will pay all of your rental in advance. Delivery and collection charges, where applicable, must paid at the time of ordering and prior to delivery.

Space Planner

Furniture recommendation:

1x Cash Desk

3x Hanging Rails

1x Mirror

3x Shelving Units

1x Fitting Room (with mirror within)

2x Plinths

1x Cash Desk

3x Hanging Rails

1x Mirror

11x Shelving Units

1x Fitting Room (with mirror within)

6x Plinths

1x Cash Desk

7x Hanging Rails

1x Mirror

8x Shelving Units

2x Fitting Room (with mirror within)

12x Plinths

2x Cash Desk

6x Hanging Rails

2x Mirror

26x Shelving Units

2x Fitting Room (with mirror within)

4x Plinths

FoundPop-IconsOpen Space Planner [PDF]