Online brands turn to bricks and mortar

We noticed a brilliant article by The Times this week that discusses how many online brands are starting to expand into brick-and-mortar retail to grow their business and create a stronger brand presence. While online retail has grown significantly in recent years, many brands are recognising the value of having a physical presence in addition to their online stores.

One reason for this shift is that physical stores offer a more tangible and interactive shopping experience for customers. By offering in-person interactions with products, customers are able to touch, feel, and try on items before purchasing. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increased sales.

In addition, physical stores can help to build brand awareness and trust, as they provide a more visible and tangible presence in the community. This can help to attract new customers, as well as build relationships with existing ones.

Many online brands are also leveraging data and technology to optimise their physical retail operations. By using data to better understand customer preferences and behaviour, brands can create more personalised and targeted in-store experiences. For example, some brands are using technology to track customer movements in-store and offer personalised recommendations based on their browsing and purchasing history.

Overall, the trend of online brands expanding into brick-and-mortar retail is a response to the evolving needs and preferences of customers, as well as a recognition of the benefits of a multi-channel retail strategy. By offering both online and offline shopping experiences, brands can create a stronger and more resilient business for the future.

Read the times article here

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